About Us

My family and I are probably the most unlikely people in the world to ever have a nutrition supplement company. With deep southern roots, we grew up with little understanding of nutrition.

Growing up, we would eat anything that we could fit in a pan. Fried chitlins were a delicacy in our family. Even most people who eat chitlins are not aware that they can be fried.

This background turned out to be the perfect basis for understanding the power of nutrition - supplements in particular. While studying the subject in college, I discovered the benefits of good nutrition and quality supplements.

The knowledge I acquired completely transformed my life for the good. I shared what I was learning with my family, and the reaction was shocking. Half of them completely embraced the ideas and started to take supplements and eat better right away. The other half did not welcome the idea because they did not believe in the power of good nutrition.

Later, I married a woman with a Ph.D. in nutrition research. In 2002, we started a nutrition education company called GlobalWell. We began by doing nutrition coaching, launched a nutrition website, wrote a nutrition book, and started a non-profit foundation to educate underserved communities about the subject.

Up to today, family members who started taking high-quality supplements more than two decades ago have aged extremely well. They remain vibrant today, and their households have virtually no instances of chronic diseases.

However, for those family members who were unwilling to embrace the change, we have lost many of them to cancer, diabetes, and stroke. In the surviving households, most are dependent on medications for diseases ranging from high blood pressure to diabetes, arthritis, and heart conditions.

This decades-long journey has turned out to be powerful, although a tragic case study. Since we are all family, we have the same genetic traits. The only thing separating us has been our decision whether to embrace the opportunities presented by quality nutritional supplements or not.

This experience is why we believe and enthusiastically support nutritional supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is why we put our hearts and souls into Divine Botanical, combining decades of collective experience to help people like you!